99 Legends of Jeju Island

The following legends are a sample from the forthcoming book 99 Legends of Jeju Island, based on stories collected, edited…

Museums and Research Centers

Museums The 제주국립박물관 Jeju National Museum has a fantastic collection of well-displayed artifacts. The display panels are all in English,…

Jeju History and Culture Resources

It is hard to find good information in English about Jeju. Here are some resources for the study of the…

Jeju as Juho in the Records of the Three Kingdoms

The Records of the Three Kingdoms is a Chinese historical text which covers the history of the late Eastern Han…

The Secret, Sacred Haunts of Spirits and Shamans

The Breathtaking Beauty of Life in the Forest

Fabulous and Forsaken Trucks and Tractors

The Weird and Wonderful World of Creepy Creatures

The Cocky Cawing of Crows

The Peaceful Presence of Buddhist Temples

The Swell and Surging of Wind and Waves

The Captivating Grazing and Galloping of Horses